smash (plural smashes)

  1. The sound of a violent impact.
    I could hear the screech of the brakes, then the horrible smash of cars colliding.
  2. colloquial, outside US: A traffic accident.
    The driver and two passengers were badly injured in the smash.
  3. colloquial, entertainment: Something very successful.
    This new show of mine is sure to be a smash.
  4. tennis: A very hard overhead shot hit sharply downward.
    A smash may not be as pretty as a good half volley, but it can still win points.


  • (sound of a violent impact): crash
  • (colloquial: traffic accident): crash
  • (colloquial: something very successful): smash hit

5 letters in word "smash": A H M S S.

Anagrams of smash:

Words found within smash:

ah ahs am as ash ass ha ham hams has hm ma mas mash mass sam sash sh sha sham sma ssh